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Purple Carrots!

Purple carrots were on the menu tonight! Dogs can make the conversion of the plant nutrient beta-carotene to vitamin A; granted less effectively that humans but doesn't it make sense to support evolution and provide some tasty orange or yellow vegetables?

Betacarotene and vitamin A support eye health, skin health and correct cellular replication - all from the humble carrot.

And, the purple varieties are purple because they contain Anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid which has antioxidant effects; antioxidants mop up toxicity and reduce damage in the body. Carrots and purple carrots make a nice seasonal addition for your furry friend. It is important to make vegetables digestible so they can be absorbed. steam then chop our vegetables nice and small and give them bit of a mash; if the colours leech add a little of the valuable coloured water to your dog's dinner to retain the nutrients. Carrots are also good as a raw treat to clean the teeth - they won't get absorbed and likely see them in their stool but in this case, clean teeth!

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