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 Acute Consultation 

45 minute consultation by telephone/internet or in person. The client will receive a confirmation message within a few hours of paying for a consultation to schedule a suitable appointment time. 


Why Choose This?

Here you can ask about any health / nutrition related issue. As a client you might like to ask for a nutritional assessment to know if your dog is getting all the nutrients they need. This consult can also be used for help with a specific common 'acute' (short-lived condition) where dog owners wish to opt to use more natural solutions. 

This option works great if you are just wanting some general advice and to make small changes or to help your dog in a more natural way. 

You will be asked to fill in a historic questionnaire for the consultation so I can help your dog in the most effective and safest manner that covers: history, presenting symptoms/disease and current diet to establish possible deficiencies and root cause(s). We then discuss some possible recommendations. If supplements or herbs are recommended they can be provided at extra cost; in this case, it is important to have a recent diagnosis from your veterinarian and one who is willing to work alongside given recommendations. 

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