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Enhanced Consultation

2 hour telephone/internet consultation or in person plus a 1hr follow up consultation. The client will receive a confirmation message within a few hours of paying for a consultation to schedule a suitable appointment time. 

Why Choose This?

This option is for dogs suffering from chronic disease or those who have a on-going deep rooted complaint; faring best with a combination of nutrition, naturopathy and in some cases herbal support. It is important to have a recent diagnosis from your veterinarian and one who is willing to work alongside given recommendations.

What to Expect

The client will be asked to fill in a historic questionnaire for the consultation so I can help your dog in the most effective and safest manner that covers: history, presenting symptoms/disease and current diet to establish possible deficiencies and root cause(s). We then discuss and formulate recommendations and create an action plant that suits both the client and the dog.  

The diet can be designed raw or cooked. The diet is designed to manage a specific health condition and is fully balanced and complete, following the guidelines from National Research Council’s Nutrient Requirements of Dogs (2006). We  include the dog's favourite foods, if they are suitable and avoid food aversions. Diets are created within 48 hrs and you are given instructions for transition during this period. Clients have access to a Cooking Handbook which contains full instructions for making the dinners. 


If herbs are recommended, they can be provided at extra cost. A cute package is then posted to the home address with everything you need for the first month, complete with full instructions.  

Due to the deep rooted nature of dis-ease and the dynamic changes that will occur as part of the healing process, it is vital to book follow-up consultations for both safety of the dog and success. We offer two follow-up options and keep our prices very low to ensure wellbeing; please see the relevant tab for further information. The client will also have access to a Facebook support group where there are knowledgable members on hand to help at most times. 

After the consultation you will receive: 

  • A written report stating root cause(s) and the progression of disease.

  • Full instructions.

  • Bespoke NRC guided therapeutic recipe

  • Supplements for 1 month (extra cost)

  • Herbal Support (if applicable and at extra cost)

  • Access to free Facebook support group

  • Follow Up Consultation at around 2 weeks (inc.) to make changes to the therapeutic plan if needed

Herbs, additional supplements, additional follow-up consultations and postage and packaging  come at extra cost. Complex cases may need more time and additional hours will be charged at an hourly rate. It may also be necessary to ask your veterinarian to provide recent blood work or other relevant medical records.

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