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Why not read the testimonials below to give you some idea of the work I do, how I do it and the dis-eases and breeds I help 

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​Ruby :T Cell Lymphoma -2016

"From the moment Margaret entered our lives, Ruby’s life improved and despite the bleak prognosis (aggressive T cell lymphoma) she continues to live a very full and happy life.


Our initial consultation discussed her condition and treatment at the time.

Once we decided to stop the chemotherapy as her tumours continued to grow and multiply Margaret proposed a diet and formula’s for Ruby. Within 2 weeks the tumours reduced and then disappeared.


Ruby will reach her fifth birthday in two weeks, which eighteen months ago we didn’t expect to have six months let alone eighteen with her.


She’s a very energetic/ hunting standard poodle who runs for miles chasing deer, playing with her doggy friends. She eats better than us and is very spoilt. Margaret continues to research nutritional and supplements and update us.


Ruby and I have visited Margaret twice, she’s very welcoming and a huge support in every way. Not sure where we would be without her . Long live Ruby x Heather​

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Maisie: Bladder Cancer

"Wonderful. Very informative, caring, passionate, kind and has given us hope nothing is too much trouble and Margaret answers any questions quickly and is very supportive. Excellent service! Unbelievable, 12 months since the day that we had the awful news about Maisie & we still can’t believe how well the little minx is doing. The vet said just try & enjoy the coming spring & summer with her & we certainly have had our ups & downs but we are Looking forward to another spring & summer and many more adventures. The vet was also amazed how Maisie is doing & it showed on her second X-ray that the mass had reduced. We can not thank Margaret Barnes enough for her fantastic help , guidance & advice & also everyone else who has given us support this last 12 months & of course Maisie the Diva sends her thanks xxx Wendy Jackson"

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Cilla: Arthritis / Pain

Hello Margaret, after 10 days I thought I should let you know what is going on. She is doing up to an hour pottering in the morning and we go down to our allotment together.  Afternoon we do another 20 or 30 mins walk and if weather is good then more allotment. Very busy time gathering stuff - beans, apples, blackberries etc.There have been no urine leaks at night. So in 10 days we have cut out rimadyl, propalin and incurin and reduced mantadine to alternate days. I have had just one morning when I felt the old lady didn't want to do more than 30 mins.Your advice is paying off and also I must mention that the itchy skin is no longer a problem. Many thanks. If you want to share this email with any of your group if it would help then please feel free.


Frank: Mast Cell

Margaret is so knowledgeable and helpful, it has been so reassuring for us at a very uncertain time with our pug Frank. She is a lovely person and nothing is too much trouble, we feel so much better knowing she is at the end of the phone, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone. Sarah Garside


Olive: Kidney Disease (25% function)  

Our 14-year-old dog, Olive, was recently diagnosed with kidney disease. When we brought her home from the emergency room, she was even skinnier than when she went in. We were prescribed canned dog food by the vet, but she was not interested in eating it. I scoured the internet trying to find solutions and that’s when we came across Naturopathic Canine through an Instagram search. 


We knew we had to make drastic changes to Olive’s diet so we thought making homemade meals would get her the nutrients she needs. I was worried at first about being able to communicate with Margaret since she lived in a different country, but her suggestion of using Zoom was super helpful. Margaret’s knowledge of nutrition and her personable delivery put us at ease during a stressful situation. 


After just two weeks of making homemade meals for Olive, she gained two pounds and is getting closer to her normal weight. Her phosphorus levels are also in the normal range. I truly believe Margaret helped us extend Olive’s life, especially in those critical days coming home from the hospital. Thank you, Margaret! :) 


Amber: Allergies 

I’ve been meaning to write a review for a while now as Margaret has helped such a lot with Amber. I only started on Margaret’s home cooked diet around the beginning of July this year and knew there wouldn’t be an instant fix - it would take a while. I had been feeding raw for over 2 years but due to Amber’s intolerances/allergies Margaret told me she wasn’t getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals and fibre. Constant ear problems and paw problems. I can see a great general improvement in Amber down to this diet. When I first started I found it so hard, but over a couple of months I found the easiest way for me to prepare everything. Now it is second nature. Margaret is brilliant and if anyone is interested in treating dogs in a natural way I thoroughly recommend her. She is always so helpful. I want to do everything possible to keep Amber away from the vet and having to be treated with chemicals. Her immune system is obviously responding really well to this diet she is being given. It is a shame some people struggle with their dog’s health due to diet. I give Margaret 10 out of 10. Dee Keane


Honey: Mast Cell 

When my two year old terrier Honey got diagnosed with a grade 1 MCT she had to be taken off her usual medication for allergies. She also had a continuous swelling to her “ cancer foot” and horrific rashes all over her stomach and chest. 

This has now changed with the help of Maggie. Maggie and her team took the stress out of home preparing food for my four legged friends by carefully calculating a unique recipe for Honey, ensuring that all her nutritional intake was balanced and safe with her health issues in mind. 

Whenever I need advice Maggie is only a phone call away and is always willing to help me where possible. I can’t recommend her services enough. Honey’s foot is a lot less swollen and her rash is completely gone.  I am amazing and eternally grateful for the help and support I have received. Thank you Maggie!


Ferren: Lymphoma 

Margaret Barnes has such amazing offerings. I worked with her for Ferren's diagnosis of lymphoma & heart failure. He lived 6 months longer than "expected by the vets". She also has made meal plans for Rosco and his new baby sister, Wren! Rosco is a special case too and has severe allergies among other issues. I cannot be more grateful and full of love for this support and guidance through the hardest time in my life. THANKS SO MUCH. Amanda Mackie, Canada.

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Molly: Lymphoma 


My huge honorary Pug, Molly, (she's a Mastiff) was very recently diagnosed with lymphoma. To say I was devastated was a complete understatement, especially when I was told that it is incurable. A friend of mine recommended Margaret to me and I booked a consultation. Everything she said made perfect sense and I immediately changed Molly's diet and ordered some of Margaret's remedies.

Molly's skin was ulcerated, sore and itchy and she took to hiding away from us. It was totally heartbreaking to see.

3 weeks later and her skin is not at all inflamed, her fur is starting to grow back, she is interacting with us well and although her appetite is still really good, she has managed to lose 3kgs, which is great, as she was on the plump side!

Best of all, Margaret is always available for advice. Sian Kelly


Haggis / Arthritis  

This is Haggis. He has been doing better than he had been in a long time. We tried a lot of medication and supplements but they all had a result on his intestines and not so much his arthritis. But with his treatment he is a lot happier and he doesn't need painkillers anymore. We will keep you updated. Thank you.


Popsie: Digestive Disorder

"A friend recommended that we contact Margaret regarding our Bichon Frisé after she had regular bouts of vomiting.

Margaret was so patient, personal and knowledgeable about a canines diet that she soon filled us with confidence and we progressed together to address the situation. With information about her weight, general health and an MOT done at the vets Margaret was then able to construct a personal dietary plan for our dog.


Not only has Margaret educated us about our dogs dietary needs, we now have a healthier pooch who has more energy, happiness and overall health with no more incidents occurring to date! Natural diet is the way." - Steven.S.

Tilly .jpg

I was first introduced to Margaret’s work through Manchester Pug mania were she had helped several members with MCTs When my own pug, Tilly, developed a lump having already had her toe removed I contacted Margaret for her help. Her knowledge of nutrition and calm reassurance gave me hope and stopped the state of panic that had set in. As a member of her group I was able to find the support and confidence to change the way that I fed Tilly and manage her condition. I can whole heartedly recommend her services as a way to improve the health and wellbeing of your pet. Rachel Peterken 

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Ruby: Mast Cell 


"Ruby, our amazing little Jack Russell Terrier. I was introduced to Margaret Barnes, via one of her lovely members quite by chance. 

Our little JRT Ruby had a mast cell tumour removed from her chest by our vet on 20/4/18, the surgery was extremely invasive. It was one of the most anxious & scariest times of my life & especially when another tumour appeared 10 days later on the inside top of her right back leg!

Ruby doesn’t cope with anaesthetic at all well & was almost immobile after surgery so we decided no more surgery as avidly advised by our vet. Instead we decided to apply the holistic approach & offer her a great quality of life & in the process hopefully stop or slow down the cancer. We started with a liver cleanse and support, topical applications and some supplements / vitamins etc.


We have had a couple of set backs along the way with seasonal allergies, arthritis (due to a previous leg operation) plus some infected bites but these too have all been addressed with great success. 

Ruby’s energy levels have really improved, progressing from a slow10 minute walk per day to 3 good daily walks now, plenty of jogging & running around again at great speed, she plays chase at home & is constantly in the garden detecting frogs again.


Ruby’s old character has resurfaced again, she’s a cheeky, feisty little noisy girl & this is so lovely to see as I adore️ her with a passion, to see her you wouldn’t know she was a cancer patient. I know in my heart that if we’d chosen the conventional route, Ruby would not be half as happy or mobile as she is, she looks so well & this is a truly deserving testimony to Margaret Barnes & her amazing talents, my words can not express how grateful I am for her knowledge, help, guidance & natural remedies...thankyou so much Margaret for helping the love of my life...Ruby. Long may it continue xx 


Rowan: False Pregnancies / Breast Cancer  

This is Rowan who was nine in June. She was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in October last year and was given 4-6 months to live. This is a current picture of her and she is doing great, surpassing the vets expectations. We could have had her other mammary strip removed and had chemo but the outcome would still have been poor so we decided not to put her through it and go with palliative care. Rachel on a Spaniel dog site recommended Margaret and she knew of others that had success. Rowan has been on a special diet with herbs and antioxidants for several months now and is doing great. 


 Coco: Mast Cell

I would like to say a heartfelt thanks to the most marvellous Margaret Barnes who has helped me with my little Pug Coco, diagnosed less than three weeks ago with two mast cell tumours.

Margaret has prescribed a diet, recommended nutrition and has been at the end of the phone relentlessly helping me with her expert recommendations to turn this around.

Coco is flourishing on her new diet and supplements which are designed especially for her. Coco’s tumours are shrinking and she is full of life.

Margaret is always at hand with positivity to answer any question, she is an expert in nutrition and in the space of a few weeks we know that Coco is absolutely on the right path to beat this and I would highly recommend! Vicky Conway 


Dil: Itchy Skin/ Allergies

I am so glad I was introduced to Margaret, not only is she lovely, she is always there when you need advice or some support. You can really tell she loves what she does. My boy has always suffered with itchy skin, but over the last few years his coat has thinned (i didnt realise how much until I started with Margaret's advice and now its growing back!) He also had sickness and diarrhoea when he had any type of drug or supplement added. He has had a few cysts also appear. With margaret's advice, guidance and potions I can really see a difference. We started 7 weeks ago with a liver cleanse and I've changed his diet. His cysts have halved in size, his feet have never been so cool to touch and pale in colour (they've always been inflamed and constantly chewed) and usually by now in the summer he would have chewed them to peices, which he hasn't done. Also last week he was prescribed antinflammotries and antibiotics for an injury and he was fine, no sickness and diarrhoea. So there is definite progress. This process is individual to each dog and Margaret is great at collecting all the info about you and your dog and creating solutions and options to acheive your goals. It is a hard journey and we have needed to change things a few times, but every dog is different and I'm really pleased with the progress so far. Xx Katie Bloor


alby .jpg

Alby: Mast Cell 

"I can't thank Margaret enough, she helped save Alby's life after he was born with a high grade mast cell tumour. Whilst he had a major op at 4 months old to remove the tumour and lymph nodes, I didn't opt for chemo; instead I got together with Maggie who explained about a homeopathic benefits of natural anti cancer and detox. I felt comfortable and had faith in Maggie and she continues to provide the natural supplements which I add to Alby's food and changed to a high protein diet. Alby's prognosis looked bleak at the outset; but great news!... much to our amazement he turned 1 in September. Alby appears to be cancer free (fingers crossed) he's full of energy and a happy little pug who is very much loved). He really is a super pug. What more can we ask for. Maggie's rates are very reasonable too (although you can't put a price on your animals life). Alby's continues to have treatment which is very reasonably priced too. Margaret has got a wonderful gift and i'd put my own health in her hands. Maggie doesn't just treat animals she is helping a dear friend of mine (age 42) regain movement of her right side and is helping with her speech after she had a massive stroke earlier this year. Nuala Finch

pom bear.jpg

Pom Bear: Mast Cell

My pug's Mass Cell Tumor has disappeared with the natural treatments & special diet. No nasty chemo & she gets to keep her leg. Cannot thank you enough. Have a consultation it will be the best money you've ever spent. Amanda Checklin


Jimmy: IMHA

Margaret is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met!! So kind and so thoughtful and huge attention to detail. My dog was diagnosed with imha, something very different to what she usually contends with. I couldn’t have asked for more help if I tried!! And it’s ongoing! I learned so much about nutrition in such a short space of time. Not that I’m an expert or anything now!! Margaret stayed up until the early hours of the morning looking into what was best, what we needed to do and how to do it. Even down to advising me with the vet, what questions to ask etc etc. I could spend hours telling you how amazing she is!! At my point of crisis and worry she was such an amazing support. I will never be able to thank her enough.

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