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Margaret is an animal wellness advisor and qualified Nutritional Therapist. She has 22 years experience in herbalism, nutritional therapy and naturopathy, for the last five years specialising in dogs with chronic dis-ease. Margaret formulates her Pawsome dinners to the NRC guidelines during this exciting paradigm in canine nutrition which currently lacks regulation. Over 60 canine patients all over the world, leading happy lives.

NHFDip. (B.A., Hons, PGCE, M.A.)

Welcome to The Naturopathic Canine and our Pawsome Dinners Services Page!

We offer bespoke, complete, natural, home-prepared diets, raw or cooked. Optimal Nutrition restores vitality and reignites their love of food! We also offer naturopathic and herbal consultations.

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Correct formulation IS the foundation of good health. Food companies are often 'barking up the wrong tree' and canine nutrition is a misunderstood, confusing and often over simplified science. Dogs need around 40 different vitamin and minerals - does your dog get enough or in the correct balance? Our nutrient dense feeding plans are formulated to guidelines by the National Research Council’s Nutrient Requirements of Dogs (2006), the basis of AAFCO and FEDIAF (modified the NRC nutrient profiles for the purpose of practicality). The NRC is the best data we available and based on hard science. Click on the boxes below to view the services we offer to give your dog the best or for help for your poorly furry friend. 

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Margaret works with clients worldwide with success due to her bespoke, optimal, complete and balanced nutrition, amazing naturopathic principles and cutting edge scientific research. What are the advantages of NRC guided home-prepared Pawsome dinners, either raw or cooked?


Meals are designed to your dog, their requirements and preferences so you can be assured they are getting the nutrients they need. Improved health for nutritionally responsive conditions. Improved control over medical conditions. Improved vitality and overall health. Complete control over food quality, using human foods. Dogs gain a new love of food, even for picky eaters! Improved weight, stool formation, shiny coat and a satisfied healthy dog! 

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