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Bespoke Diet Consultation


A one hour telephone/internet consultation or in person with 30min follow-up. The client will receive a confirmation message within a few hours of paying for a consultation to schedule a suitable appointment time.  

Why Choose This?

This is great if you have a healthy dog without any health concerns or dietary restrictions and are wanting to feed a complete and balanced diet. If you have a dog with health concerns please see our Enhanced Consultation for further details. 


Recipes are designed raw or cooked. Fully balanced and complete, following NRC guidelines. And, of course, we include your dog's favourite foods and why a questionnaire is completed as part of the process; including age, breed, weight and activity level as well as food preferences. Clients have access to a Cooking Handbook which contains full instructions for making the dinners. 


The  recipe is written as a daily amount. You can make the dinner fresh each day or it can be made into a weekly or two-weekly batch. The diets are calculated and therefore this requires precise ingredients and the weighing of foods. The package comes with everything you need for one month to get started with your home-prepared, bespoke diet.


In most cases at least two supplements will be needed to make the diet complete - vitamin E and calcium (from eggshell), which is included in the package to last one month.


Diets are created within 48 hrs and you are given instructions for transition during this period while the diet is formulated. A 30 minute consultation is included after a 2 week period to check everything is satisfactory and make small revisions, if necessary.  Clients also have access to a Facebook support group to answer queries and help with getting started on your batch cook!  

Within 48 hours after the consultation you will receive: ​

  • Bespoke NRC guided therapeutic recipe

  • Full nutrient breakdown and instructions

  • Whole-food supplements for 1 month (at extra cost). 

  • 30 min Follow Up Consultation at around 2 weeks to make revisions, if necessary.

  • Access to free Facebook support group


Regular follow-up consultations are recommended for recipe revisions, at least every three months to keep interest and to provide opportunities for nutrients from varying food sources. It is not advisable to simply miss out ingredients from recipe as specific nutrients may become deficient and nutrient deficiencies can pose a serious threat to health. If you would like advice on food swaps or an additional recipe or revision then please book a follow-up consultation. It is prudent to consult with a veterinarian before adopting any new feeding style and have regular checks; with 6 months-yearly blood tests to check organ function.



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